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Sisters Continue Family Legacy With New Healthy Snack and Protein Treat Manufacturing Company

Ferris Lee Manufacturing, headquartered in Cartersville, Georgia is a women-owned healthy snack and protein treat manufacturing company owned and operated by Lakisha and Tabitha Brooks.  Having a healthy lifestyle is essential to our overall well being, in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic, many are becoming more aware of their health and vitality. People are searching for products with nutritional value; many are posting pictures of their meal preps on social media, which can serve as an inspiration for those who are looking for a healthy creative outlet to prepare meals for themselves and their children. Ferris Lee’s healthy snacks and protein treats are products that will add to any meal plan. The company offers an array of healthy snacks, including cereal, granola, protein bites and cookies, nut butters, and trail mix. Ferris Lee’s treats will boost energy when feeling physically and mentally fatigued in your workspace. A snack that will minimize that hunger feeling after a workout, and a treat that your children will enjoy.

CEO and Founder, LaKisha Brooks’, inspiration behind the Ferris Lee brand, resulted from her experience when she noticed a rapid weight gain after her move to Orlando, Florida, in 2018. As a public figure and lifestyle coach, LaKisha knew that she had to make changes in her lifestyle and take her health back. She says, “committing to a clean diet and exercise was no problem, but the options for healthy and tasty snacks were limited, so LaKisha made her own.”

LaKisha began creating snacks that she would use as a part of her regimen for clean eating and found herself sharing her story with a brand ambassador at Whole Foods, who encouraged her to make her snacks into a company. Those words inspired LaKisha to bring her sister on board and form a healthy living business named after their late grandfather, Ferris Lee. LaKisha says, “Our mission is to inspire healthy living by producing high-quality foods made with natural ingredients. I know our grandfather Ferris Lee would be proud of us. We can not wait to see his face in stores, gyms, and other places across the world.” The patriarch, Ferris Lee Bryant, left a golden legacy who has made a living as a farmer, and strong business acumen, to encourage entrepreneurship for the next generation.

The two sisters LaKisha and Tabitha Brooks, are taking hold of the family name and providing products that will hold nutritional value and promote healthy living. For more information about our products, please visit the Ferris Lee website at


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