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31-Year-Old Retired Master Barber, Grant Park Spa Owner Develops Entrepreneurial Masterclass

Entrepreneur and author Yisrael Wright is releasing his new masterclass series “The Wright Way: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know to Start, Grow, and Scale Your Business” in March 2021. The series is an expansion of his latest book “Entrepreneur: What I Wish They Would’ve Told Me,” which serves as an entrepreneurial guide or blueprint to becoming successful using the intangible gifts you were born with or over time have acquired.

The Wright Way masterclass will serve as an introduction to entrepreneurship, covering the fundamentals of starting a business, legal and accounting components, marketing, content development, developing revenue streams, customer services, and much more.

“After almost 10 years in business, I’ve realized most people don’t succeed because they lack mentorship and quality advisors,” Wright said. “That’s why I created ‘The Wright Way,’ to provide courses and tools for entrepreneurs to learn how to start, and succeed in business, in the absence of proper guidance.

A retired Master Barber at 31-years-old, Wright is a Men’s Grooming Specialist and the owner of The Yizclusive Experience Men’s Grooming Spa which he opened in 2020. Prior to opening The Yizclusive Experience, he personally serviced executives, high-profile clients such as professional athletes, and movie sets.

After stepping away from the chair, Wright decided that he wanted to give back through education, teaching others the things that people never told him when he decided to become an entrepreneur. He started by creating educational opportunities for others within the barbering and grooming industry. And now, he’s expanded his message and reach to educate anyone who wants to start a business or is a current business owner.

Not too long ago, Wright released his first book “Entrepreneur: What I Wish They Would’ve Told Me,” which serves as a blueprint for many aspiring entrepreneurs where Wright focuses on the 12 intangibles he has found to be true in pursuing purpose and turning passion into a paycheck.

The Wright Way masterclass goes beyond the book, presenting an interactive experience with information that is vital to an entrepreneur’s success.

“Some people become more successful in business and separate themselves completely. I personally believe it’s a perfect time for me to connect more and give people the tools, resources, knowledge I’ve used to grow,” Wright said.

For more information on Yisrael Wright and The Wright Way masterclass or to purchase Wright’s book “Entrepreneur: What I Wish They Would’ve Told Me,” visit


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