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Preservation of Historic Morris Brown and Atlanta’s Vine City

Historic Morris Brown College and residents of Atlanta’s Vine City area met on two different occasions in early December to discuss some concerns and to bring to the attention of the City of Atlanta the importance of preserving and protecting their area which, is the pride and joy of their lives. Morris Brown College, which is in the center of Vine City, featured many speakers who represented the alumni, faculty, and staff as well as other friends of the college. Dr. Kevin James, President of Morris Brown College spoke on the history of the College and brought everyone up to date as to the school’s present position, financially as well as where it is in the application process of attaining accreditation. The president indicated that the school is on track for this to happen sometime in 2021. Dr. James also shared some more good news with those in attendance when he disclosed the fact that Morris Brown College is “debt-free”. The president also informed the attendees that the school has increased its security force and now has 24-hour security on the campus. It is noted that Dr. James can be quoted as saying, “At the end of the day, we will restore Morris Brown College”. At a second meeting held on Sunday, December13, 2020, Vine City neighborhood organizer Mr. John H. Lewis again brought Morris Brown College and residents of Vine City together. The discussion was centered around the overall safety and protection of Vine City, more involvement and interaction between the community and the Mayor’ office and the upkeep and preservation valued properties that are located in the Morris Brown/Vine City area. Mr. Lewis indicated that residents in the area cannot fully depend on others to protect valuable properties in Vine City and at Morris Brown College. “We must take an active role in protecting what is ours ourselves.” Mr. Lewis told the crowd that instead of people coming into our beloved community to help rebuild it, they are coming in, buying up our properties and literally forcing us to move out. Pictured: Mr. John H. Lewis speaking to a crowd gathered near Morris Brown College about conditions in and around the Morris Brown College/ Vine City area.

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