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Metro Community Ministries, Inc. Providing Free Job Training for Atlanta’s Dislocated / Unemployed Population Affected by COVID-19

Atlanta, Georgia – Founded in 1966 with the purpose of reaching marginalized communities in the downtown region of San Diego County, Metro Community Ministries, Inc. (MCMI) has emerged as an organizational leader with an extensive history of working with poor, disadvantaged and ethnically diverse populations. The vast majority of MCMI’s clients come from hard to serve populations often overlooked by other social service providers. MCMI has developed the ability to communicate across socio-economic and professional paradigms about topics such as employment, vocational training, reentry and justice involvement, mentorship, homelessness, fatherhood and parenting, health disparities and pandemic impacts, and welfare reform.

The US Government declared a state of emergency across the county, and began issuing special funding to support job development, increased capacity building for employers, industries and training providers, and enhanced opportunities for non-profits to bring added resources to those they serve. By investing significant resources across the country, the intent is to ensure that each state and citizens receive assistance during this time of recovery. Metro Community Ministries, Inc. (MCMI) has aligned itself with these efforts and is positioned to support the employment recovery of individuals who lost businesses, employment, and opportunities due to the pandemic.

MCMI’s CAREER program, Comprehensive and Accessible Reemployment through Equitable Employment Recovery, funded by the USDOL, provides support to Atlanta residents in the areas of training, employment, job retention and support. In particular circumstances we are MCMI also assists with outstanding rent, mortgage, and utility bills. MCMI offers these services to marginalized communities in San Diego CA. and Richmond VA. as well.

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 hit hard… leaving an unprecedented impact in its wake. Stay at home orders, social isolation, and limited opportunities, left individuals across the country seeking resources to support themselves and their families. The pandemic triggered one of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression. While the worst is behind us, continued impacts on our communities is devastating. The unemployment rate of the Metro Atlanta region supersedes 6%, compared to Georgia at 2.7% and the national rate at 3.6%. Poverty in the region goes as high as 45% in some neighborhoods!

MCMI is committed to building on both individual assets and community assets. This approach not only leverages existing resources but also achieves measurably greater results than merely addressing deficiencies. “Transforming tomorrow… today.”

MCMI’s chief executive officer (CEO), Linda Womack, is a community champion. Her passion to serve those who have faced challenges has been instrumental in growing the agency nationally. Ms. Womack has a vision of sustained communities bearing opportunities for growth and self-sufficiency for our neighbors. This vision is realized through efforts to link community resources and build a chain of economic growth and professional development. Ms. Womack’s motto is “Either I find a way… or I make one!”

For more information, call Metro Community Ministries, Inc. at (770) 756-9922.

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Last updated on September 2, 2022

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