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Local Non-profit to Launch Neighborhood Action Initiative Against Gun Violence and Drug Distribution in South Fulton Seeking $25 Million Dollars through Private Grant Funding

By Reverend Norris Keith Knox

Atlanta, Georgia – City Connect Partnership (CCP), a non-profit organization based in College Park, Georgia is on a mission to end gun violence, drug trafficking and violence due to mental illness in South Fulton. Through the creation of several community-based partnerships and neighborhood qualitative discussion groups, a collaboration between citizens, civic leaders, small business owners and corporate officials within the South Fulton region. City Connect Partnership, originally established in 1999 as My Brother’s Keeper Outreach International, founded by longtime Atlanta resident, radio broadcaster and community advocate Norris Knox, Sr., who is an ordained Pastor at Life Covenant Fellowship in Cobb County.

Pastor Knox, known for being an active supporter of economic empowerment, poverty alleviation and community development, he participated in marches during the 1970’s with legendary civil rights leader Rev. Hosea Williams, who at the time was President of the local chapter for Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Knox was co-founder of the community radio station and board operator for a weekly talk show that Dr. Williams hosted in 1973. One of the main objectives of City Connect Partnership is to empower people to take back ownership of their neighborhoods from violent crimes, gangs, drug activities and assist those struggling with mental illness. This will be done by working in collaboration with elected officials in South Fulton, by offering cities long-term support in victim assistance, crisis intervention and mental health counseling by conducting weekly safety assessments.

To achieve success added Knox, we are currently in a capital campaign to raise $15.2 million dollars, that will support our operating cost in order to relaunch existing programs and create public and private partnerships with in South Fulton with residents, churches, social service agencies, law enforcement, businesses, and the local court system district court, the trial courts, circuit and state supreme courts to putting the mission into ac of Georgia.

For residents to be safe and become proud contributors in their communities, people must first know they are being protected by the law and those who have been entrusted to protect them and their neighborhoods from criminal elements. Our programs are designed around the landscape of each community that we serve, City Connect and its partners are dedicated to putting its mission into action by providing a full range charitable, educational, religious and community development activities. These activities help people and the communities they live in realize their God-given potential as uniquely and gifted individuals, in their family and community relationships.

About City Connect Partnership (CCP)
“Transforming Communities and Restoring Lives”
City Connect Partnership (CCP) is committed to the transformation of individuals, families, and the communities in where they live. CCP intentionally works with under-resourced neighborhoods, to provide them with innovative and holistic development that produces flourishing communities. The organization develops and advocates evidence-based policy solutions to stop gun violence against children in schools, in our churches and senseless shootings on our neighborhood streets.

City Connect Partnership (CCP),1993-2011, “Adam’s Covering” a faith-based men’s Fatherhood Training Initiative that empowers men to address the many challenges of manhood and brotherhood among men of color. Adam’s Covering was very instrumental in strengthening the relationships between men, their partners, children, and the church. The program provides; Fatherhood Responsibility Training, Parental Awareness, Jobs Training and Placement, Father-Child Mentoring, Family Group Counseling, Family Legal Services, Team Parenting and Community Service.

Our Impact on Families:

  • We graduated 150 men in the first year of operation in 1993.
  • 16% have married the mothers of their children.
  • 70% of these fathers are providing unstructured financial support for their children.
  • 40% of this group had faltering relationships.
  • 25% reported that they are paying child support.

City Connect Partnership (CCP), 1999-2001, responding to an increase in substance abuse issues among women in the Bankhead Courts Housing Projects in Atlanta. City Connect Partnership, then known as My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Int’l Inc., signed an MOU/agreement with the Atlanta Housing Authority to provide social services to residents of the 400-unit community. In addition to offering substance abuse counseling the organization also provided Youth Development for boy’s and girl’s, Health Fairs, Food Distribution, Clothing Distribution, Women to Women Support Group and Computer Training.

City Connect Partnership (CCP) 2001-2011, relocated to the City of Powder Springs in the Spring of 2001, occupying a small office building where a computer lab and two classrooms were being renovated. Several youth mentoring and adult training events took place at the facility, which gave the organization much needed publicity in the community.

City Connect Partnership is beginning its 25th year of operations by kicking off a fundraising campaign in August 2023, the goal is to raise $12.5 million dollars. The funds will be used to establish several needed program initiatives in communities throughout South Fulton County, where they do not currently exist.

Listed are programs that will be operational by: September 2023.

  • 24-hour Community Crisis Intervention Center
  • Fatherhood Mentoring/ Training Initiative
  • Mom’s Time- Out Women’s Supportive Initiative
  • Neighborhood Safety Action Group
  • Neighborhood Church Mobilization Group
  • The Community Assistance Fund

Last updated on May 10, 2023

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