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Barbershop Owner Seeks to Convert Entrepreneurs to Real Estate Moguls

Atlanta-based entrepreneur Morris Smith is helping professionals and entrepreneurs build wealth through his Beyond The Clippers brand, a program designed to help people in various industries generate wealth through real estate while maintaining their respective professions.

Aiming to educate and aid entrepreneurs in expanding into the real estate space, Beyond The Clippers serves as a way for businessowners, without experience in real estate, to gain expertise and resources that will allow them to locate exclusive properties, invest in unique real estate opportunities, and make smarter decisions in real estate.

“I created Beyond The Clippers because I want to show people that all you need is financial intelligence,” Smith said. “Beyond The Clippers is real estate investing from behind the chair. I’ve been able to create wealth from behind the chair through real estate investing and I want to show and teach people that you can be successful through real estate investing. It can be a great outlet for financial freedom.”

Through Beyond The Clippers, Smith is offering entrepreneurs 1-on-1 coaching in real estate and financial literacy, property location services and project management for property rehabilitation.

As a serial entrepreneur, Smith has been able to be successful as a barbershop owner while also developing multiple businesses in different industries. However, he found his passion in real estate through investing in distressed properties after receiving his real estate license in his early 20s.

Smith’s goal is to help other entrepreneurs tap into real estate as an additional, and very lucrative, source of income that will not only increase their bank accounts but allow them to create generational wealth.

“I want people to be able to invest in real estate with a strategy. A strategy that fits their situation, or just financial literacy as a whole. I want to be able to educate people and show people ways to invest and show them that you don’t need a lot of money to start,” Smith said.

With several properties in multiple states under his belt, Smith is extending his services nationwide for all entrepreneurs who want to step outside of their industry and add real estate investing to their repertoire, like he did.

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