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TILA Studios partners with Atlanta’s Public Health Informatics Institute for art acquisition program to benefit women’s visual arts

TILA Studios, an Atlanta-based Black women’s artist collective, recently partnered with Atlanta’s Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII) to facilitate an art acquisitions program. The program utilizes works from Black women visual artists, showcasing these works outside of a traditional gallery model and allowing them to be displayed throughout the Public Health Informatics Institute.

The five selected artists include Erin Kendrick, Mia Anika, Jaleeca Yancy, Vessna Scheff and Sobia Ahmad.

“TILA Studios prides itself on creating partnerships with impactful organizations,” said Tiffany LaTrice, executive director of TILA Studios. “While Black women artists are our main focus, we’re very intentional on the organizations and spaces that we support and that support us. Which is why Public Health Informatics Institute was the perfect partner.”

Public Health Informatics Institute aims to advance health outcomes worldwide by guiding public health organizations to effectively access, use and share information through the application of current and innovative information technologies.

For three decades, PHII has led the charge in establishing informatics as a recognized discipline critical to the field of public health. Data and information are in every part of public health. Without informatics, health practitioners will lack the efficient, timely and accurate streams of data and information they need to protect and secure our communities’ health.

The selected works come from five artists with diverse backgrounds, and depict the department’s people-centered approach, serving as translators, architects and transmitters. The key color displayed throughout the artwork is green which implies new beginnings, growth, vibrant health, and other ideas connected with life, rebirth, and renewal.

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Last updated on May 16, 2024

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