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John Eaves Leads in Georgia Secretary of State Poll

Atlanta, Georgia – Dr. John Eaves, a father, a grandfather, a Morehouse graduate, a Spelman Senior Instructor, and the former Chairman of the Fulton County Commission, leads all aspects of a professional poll done by Change Research of 596 likely Georgia voters done between March 12th to 20th. Dr. Eaves leads in a head-to-head race over Bee Nguyen by 12 points. Dr. Eaves leads in a three-way race against Bee Nguyen and Michael Owens by 10 points. Dr. Eaves’ state name ID is a very healthy 45% going into the primary election.

“I am humbled and grateful that our positive message of protecting voters rights is resonating in every corner of our great state,” said Dr. Eaves. “I look forward to continually taking our message of fighting against voter suppression, becoming the first African American elected to the Secretary of State in the south, and taking my proven record of voter turnout and job creation to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.”

Dr. Eaves is a senior instructor at Spelman College, teaching constitutionally based Political Science. Dr. Eaves is a proud Morehouse graduate and a walk-on football player his freshman year and graduated as the captain of the football team. Dr. Eaves has a Masters in Religion from Yale and a PhD in Educational Administration from University of South Carolina. Dr. Eaves is the proud father of Isaac (26) and Keturah (21) and the new grandfather of Brielle (7 months). Dr. Eaves was first elected Chairman of the Fulton County Commission in 2006 and served 11 years in that position. During that time Dr. Eaves created the Souls to the Polls voter turnout program, increased voter turnout in Fulton County across the board by 7%, oversaw the largest voting operation of any county in the state of Georgia with 350 precents and an annual budget of about $9 million. While Chairman Dr. Eaves oversaw programs like Neighborhood Stabilization, Second Chance Re-entry, fought to pass the first T-SPLOST in Fulton County, gave over $50 million to the Creative Arts Industry and recruited Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Sunoco to Fulton County.

Per surveys conducted by Change Research, Dr. John Eaves leads the Democratic primary field for Secretary of State in an informed ballot because he is the candidate with the record and profile to defeat Brad Raffensperger. This is according to a new Change Research survey of 596 likely Democratic primary voters in Georgia conducted March 12-20, 2022. Below are the findings.

  • Eaves is as well known as Bee Nguyen. Eaves’ name recognition is statically the same as Bee Nguyen’s (45% ID and 49% ID, respectively).
  • John Eaves has a decisive lead in the Democratic primary for Secretary of State in the informed ballot. After voters read biographies for Dr. Eaves, Bee Nguyen, and Michael Owens, Eaves leads a 3-way ballot by 10 points (46% Eaves, 36% Nguyen, 12% Owens). He leads by 12 points and wins a 54% majority in a head-to-head with Nguyen.

Eaves is the top choice of Black voters who will determine the outcome of this race. Black voters prefer Eaves over Nguyen by a margin of more than 2-to-1.

  • A record of successfully making voting more accessible and increasing voter participation, which Dr. Eaves did as Chairman of Fulton County, is the single most important thing voters are looking for from the next Secretary of State. A near-universal 97% of primary voters said this was important and 90% said it was very important. Eaves is the only candidate in the race with a proven record of increased voter access in Georgia. As Chairman of Fulton County, he made voting accessible by creating Soul to the Polls, expanding early voting, and increasing the number of precincts. As a result, the average turnout in presidential elections in Fulton was actually 7 percentage points higher on his watch than it was in 2020.

  • Voters are also particularly eager to elect the first Black Secretary of State in the South at a time when the right to vote is under attack and he is the only candidate. Making history and electing the first Black Secretary of State in the South was important to 82% of voters, including 91% of Black voters.
  • Finally, voters want a Secretary of State with a proven track record of job creation, which Dr. Eaves established as Chairman of Fulton County. A 92% majority of voters say it is important for the next Secretary of State to be a proven job creator with a record of supporting minority and women-owned businesses. Dr. Eaves has a proven record as the former Chairman of Fulton County of growing the economy, creating jobs, and forging public-private partnerships like Grady Memorial Hospital. As the chief business officer of the state, he will stimulate the economy by recruiting and supporting minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses.

Dr. John Eaves for Georgia Secretary of State

Last updated on April 1, 2022

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