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Horace Henry’s ‘One Day in January’ Exhibit

Horace Henry’s “One Day in January” Exhibit
A Collection of Images Taken at Dr. King’s First Memorial Service

Photojournalist Horace Henry’s collection is currently on exhibit at Robert W. Woodruff Library in the Atlanta University Center. The exhibit started in February 2023 and will be there through March 2023.

On January 15, 1969, at the first memorial service to honor Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday, nine months after his assassination, Horace Henry was one of several photographers to cover the solemn event.

Henry has an annual tour with his book “One Day In January” during the months of January and February, traveling around the country and lecturing about his book. The photographs that he has captured are in the Permanent Collection at The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Horace Henry is a 1971 CAU alumni and renowned freelance photographer. Published in 2011, his book, “One Day in January,” presents historic pictures of the ecumenical service upon the assassination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Photographs of King’s initial burial site at Southview Cemetery, along with the April. 1968 service at Ebenezer Baptist Church for King with various national guests/speakers, including Mrs. Rosa Parks, the Reverend Dr. Ralph David Abernathy, King’s immediate successor as president of the Atlanta-based Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC); the Reverend A.D. King, King’s brother; his widow, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, and actor/musician Harry Belafonte, among many others. Since his junior year in college, Horace Henry had an interest in photography.

Often contributing his superior workmanship to The Atlanta Inquirer newspaper, Horace Henry is known throughout the metro Atlanta area, the state of Georgia and the country for his breathtaking depiction of history through his lens. In addition to The Inquirer, he has worked with several major companies and organizations as their official photographer. Native to Palmetto, Georgia and Fairburn, Georgia, Horace Henry now makes Atlanta his ome. He is an avid musician and played in various R&B, funk and soul bands including The Chapparals. After leaving the music business, Horace Henry had a successful career in mortgage, loans and banking business.

Taking photos since he was a collegiate, he has countless historical images of Atlanta’s HBCU complexes and the goings-on of Black college student life from the 1960s and beyond. He always kept his camera at his side and managed to capture many of life’s historic moments. Horace Henry continues to cover Civil Rights activism through his creative lens. He has chronicled many of his photos and authored books, including “Clark Atlanta University Pictorial – A Collection of Sweet Memories and Stories of College Days,” “I’m a Grady Baby,” (co-authored with Sheila Moses), and “One Day in January.” He contributes a lot of his photojournalism expertise and art to The Atlanta Inquirer.

Last updated on February 15, 2023

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