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First Black-Owned Alcohol Beverage Distribution Company Launches in Georgia

Georgia’s First Black-Owned Beverage Company Launches



Nationwide ( — Scot G. Forte, founder and CEO of Forte International Spirits Inc./Direct Distributing, is the first African-American to launch an alcohol distributing company in the state of Georgia. The innovative company which has been making waves in the beverage industry this year has been embraced by suppliers worldwide.

The industry that will continue to grow and perform well, even during the current crisis, is the alcohol and beverage industry. Add to this the new wave of Black entrepreneurship, and times look good. The apparent reason is a large number of people at home, and the relief from stress that alcohol provides. As per the latest market data, the global alcoholic market will grow at a CAGR of around 4.09% until the year 2025.

The Black-owned market has received a boost with new entrepreneurs urging customers to ‘Buy Black.’ The latest entrant here is Forte International Spirits Inc., a distributor located in Georgia, which is looking at serving a global market, apart from being a Black-owned business.

While there is an increasing number of Black entrepreneurs starting wine and spirits businesses, many owners face an overwhelming challenge: securing a distributor that can position their brand on the shelves of retailers so they can eventually generate a profit. Most stores and restaurants are not interested in dealing with unfamiliar distributors and are content with the status quo.

Forte International Spirits have a passion for helping new spirit producers and existing companies get their bottles on the shelf. “We do not bury brand,” says Forte. The buzz on this company is rapidly growing as a boutique distributor, enabling them to work quickly and effectively, delivering value for their suppliers and customers, which sets them apart.

According to Forte: “Our values are out customer’s needs first, respect, teamwork, open communication, share ideas, be solution-oriented, think long term, do the right thing, trust your gut, make decisions like an owner, say thank you, work hard/play hard, and celebrate success.”

Forte International Spirits is not an ordinary beverage distributor. Over the years, the company has distinguished itself by bringing a small-town feel to the booming Atlanta market. With a great team, a sense of community, and a dedication to its brands, they have made it their mission to help craft distillers, breweries, and wineries break into and thrive in the Atlanta market.

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