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Burghalie Hosts Designer Showcase and Silent Auction Fundraiser for Foster Children

The Burghalie organization will be hosting a fashion showcase and silent auction fundraiser.  All funds from the silent auction will be donated to a local foster care facility to assist foster families and the children in their care. 


Atlanta – Burghalie partnered with local designers to host a Spring fashion showcase and silent auction fundraiser. The event is scheduled to take place March 13th, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia at the Biltmore Ballrooms. Citizens have the opportunity to bid on garments and other art while viewing some of the most creative fashion the city has to offer, including pieces from the ALANI TAYLOR brand. The brand has created pieces that have been worn by many celebrities, including Beyoncé in the “BLACK IS KING” Disney film.

The silent auction will consist of designers, artists, and business owners donating items for attendees to bid on. Once the funds have been received, they will be donated to a local foster care facility to assist foster families and the children in their care. The brand intends to share staggering statistics and other information to help raise awareness of the foster care system.

Rashaad, one of the key spokesmen for the company, was quoted as saying, “We really wanted to bring awareness to not only local talents, but the children that are often overlooked. Children in foster care encounter many challenges, from basic  necessities to mental health services. We (the designers and I) all just want to help in any way we can.

Those who admire the field of fashion design and even individuals with a heart for helping have every reason to believe that this could be a life changing experience. By attending this event, one is likely to be part of a movement that is much bigger than a single individual.

Those who would like to follow the details of the Burghalie brand or would be interested in donating items, should make it a point to visit

About Burghalie

Burghalie began in 2017 as a service-based organization on the campus of Florida State University. A group of models, photographers, and designers would host edgy fashion shows, while also playing an active role in giving back to the community. Since then, the brand has been covered by several reputed publications including Getty Images, Flying Solo NYC, Fashion Week Online, and ABC27 News. The brand aspires to further their growth and continue uniting individuals through fashion and art.


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Last updated on January 14, 2022

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