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Black Teen from Atlanta Creates Website to Help People Quickly Understand Money Management 

Math-Can-Be-Easy is a new approach for quickly improving the key math operations necessary for anyone that wants to make informed purchase, savings, and other money management decisions.

A current high school student in Georgia has created a website named Math-Can-Be-Easy ( A first-of-its-kind, free, website that helps people of all ages, start to build the foundation necessary to make better money management decisions.

“Only about 4 out of 10 people are able to accurately calculate a tip without a calculator and the results of a FINRA study show that only 3 out of 10 people can even come close to estimating the 5 year interest on loan with a 20% compounded annual rate,” said Lauren Clowney, the high school student who runs Math-Can-Be-Easy. “People rely on guesses and formulas so much that they don’t notice huge errors and are afraid to question unreasonable calculations.” The Math-Can-Be-Easy function table approach allows everyone to create a mental framework based on what they see, helping them understand how the logic works. Instead of creating a new way to do math, their goal is to help people improve the way they can estimate their answers in advance so they can eliminate potential mistakes.

There is recent educational research that has shown that many students learn certain types of math faster with a visual structure similar to multiplication tables. Not only does Math-Can-Be-Easy implement the optimal learning approach it added a twist, their virtual function tables can be continuously changed while instantly displaying the answers. The function table approach is focused mainly on helping increase confidence in understanding decimals and percentages, the best knowledge indicators of success for understanding money management and financial business decisions.

“Teenagers and adults made it very clear to me that they aren’t interested in more lectures, or additional books, and that most videos are too time consuming or hard to understand. It’s very obvious that if you want to grab their attention, they have to be involved and they must see results within a few seconds, and I believe we accomplish that,” Clowney says.


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