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Atlanta Singer-Songwriter Señoj Drops New Video and Single ‘Lost’

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Señoj, who was recently featured on SoundCloud’s artist platform Repost, has released an exciting new video and single called “Lost,” which is a much-anticipated follow-up to her tracks “Selfish” and “Running.”

Jeff Ponchick, Vice President and Head of Repost at SoundCloud, recently commented on Señoj’s talent saying, “Coming from a city celebrated for its genre-bending hip-hop and soul, Atlanta native Señoj is the latest artist to prick our ears from this musical hotspot. With an alluring style of modish R&B, her enchanting vocals set the perfect tone for a contemporary pop song. With a sound akin to Ariana Grande, Señoj is a new pop diva bound to make her mark.” He further suggested her music would be appreciated by fans of Ariana Grande, NAO and Sinead Harnett.

“Before writing ‘Lost,’ I started to realize that I was fixated on a person’s potential in a relationship, rather than who they were in the moment”, says Señoj. “I’d focus on all the things that were only possibilities, who they could be instead of who they are. I was so caught up in this idea of a perfect relationship that I was ignoring what was right in front of me. ‘Lost’ is about me coming to terms with what I was doing and talking it out with myself. It flowed for me so easily because it’s so real.”

The “Lost” video was produced on a COVID-safe set by the Atlanta-based, EMMY award-winning producer/director Thang Ho, who is the Founder of HOCA Studio, and it was directed by Annamaria Schreiber. Ho’s credits include the EMMY-winning music video “Noah”, which features the Billboard chart-topping artist Halie Loren. In 2020, Ho received the Best Director Award at the Georgia Shorts Film Festival for his film Caretakers.

“When I heard ‘Lost,’ I was captivated by the uniquely ethereal sound and raw lyrics of the work, and I knew that I wanted to collaborate with Señoj,” enthuses Schreiber. “During production, every step of the way Señoj was there, working alongside me to craft the identity of the music video. She carries a specific star quality in front of the camera. Señoj gave it her all, with each performance piece hooking the audience with her emotion. ‘Lost’ is a music video that is introspective and reveals the fears and decisions she faces in her life as she looks in a mirror.”

In addition to releasing “Lost,” Señoj has been in the studio producing tracks with the multi-platinum, Golden Globe, and GRAMMY award-winning producer Slikk who has worked with Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Li’l Wayne, and Tamala Mann.

Señoj plays the guitar and is a classically-trained pianist and vocalist. She is a GRAMMY Songwriter’s Camp prodigy and a recipient of the Ella Fitzgerald Songwriters’ Scholarship. Señoj has already caught the attention of music supervisors with “Leave It Alone” featuring in the Amazon Prime movie, “The Morning After,” a comedy starring Karon Joseph Riley, Ernestine Johnson and Marquita Goings.


Last updated on July 20, 2021

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