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Atlanta City Councilmember Andrea L. Boone Holds Community Listening Session with Mayor Andre Dickens

By John Lashley / Zeriba Media

Atlanta City Councilmember Andrea L. Boone sponsored a neighborhood Town Hall for her District 10 residents on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023. The large gathering was held at the C. T. Martin Natatorium and Recreation Center. Her guest for the event was Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens.

Dickens indicated in his introductory remarks that he was a product of the community and, to some extent, may be familiar with some of the topics that would be discussed.

In her opening remarks, Boone stressed on the ability of the community to have opportunities that would help them improve the quality of their lives as well as converse with the city leaders who represent them so they can bring light to issues facing the community.

Mayor Andre Dickens was the featured guest for this listening and answer session. The event was organized so that the community was afforded the ability to bring their most pressing issues to the attention of the mayor. The mayor also brought along executive members of his operational task force, who were able to address most of the prevailing issues, providing statuses, action plans and means by which the community could follow-up directly on outstanding issues.

In his closing remarks he spoke on what was being done for the current “Year of the Youth,” and ways in which community members can participate and support the efforts involved to make this a success. He also spoke on the persistence of the homeless in the city. The more they clean up the issue, the more people from outside come in to the city to rebuild the ranks. LaChandra Burks the representative for the homeless care team explained that this is one of the most difficult aspects of their jobs is dealing with this. The more they resolve the problem, the more people from outside the city come in to replenish the homeless population. “We are now looking for other methods of dealing with the homeless who have mental issues in collaboration with the Police and Grady Hospital… to offer them treatment rather than arrest them.”

In her closing remarks, Councilmember Boone thanked the mayor and his team for taking time out to provide a listening ear to her community. and thanked the community members for their efforts in continuing their work in improving the quality of life in their community.

Last updated on May 7, 2023

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