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Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Celebrates 36 Years in the City

This year’s parade was moved to the West Side of the City from Marietta Street to West Side Park.

Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Returns with visual extravagance.

Saturday, May 28th, marked the return of the Caribbean Carnival to the City of Atlanta. The festival has been absent from the city for the past two years due to the pandemic that has enveloped the city, country, and world. The move from pandemic to epidemic allowed for the return of the street celebration. This year, the initial parade route was extended to accommodate the increase in the size of the bands.

The parade began on Gartrell Street, in the historic King district, and ended at Central Park, on Merritt Avenue, weaving its way across the city, passing over Interstate I-85.

The celebration first started in 1988 and has been an annual feature in the city ever since. This year represents the 34th year of existence and has seen the steady growth of this cultural event. A few years back, there was a split within the organization that led to some of the parade bands moving to Decatur and forming their own carnival organization. This year the Decatur mas bands return to Atlanta resulting in the cancellation of the official Decatur carnival. The return of the larger mas bands to Atlanta resulted in one of the largest street parade to be held in the city this year.

There are usually many attendees from out of state attending the festival, and this year was no exception. Because this was one of the few Caribbean Carnivals in the country for the past two years, additional interest was generated. The masqueraders were in high spirits not just because the event is a celebration but also because of the addition of the pent of emotion and confinement as a result of the years-long pandemic.

The entire route for the parade was filled with onlookers who were enjoying the music, dancing, extravagant costumes, and vibrant visuals of the parade as it weaved through the streets.

There are Caribbean Carnivals in England, Holland, France, Germany, Japan, China, and Nigeria, amongst a growing list of countries adapting to this cultural event.

Last updated on June 21, 2023

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