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Serial Entrepreneur is Turning Mud Into Magic while Inspiring Communities of Color to live “Tech Famous”

Luke Cooper has brought us more than enough knowledge on the technology of tomorrow. But, do we value Luke Cooper the man and not just the tech phenomenon? Luke Cooper is not shy when it comes to telling his story of rise to success, where he comes from and the journey it took to become the man that many know today.

In this technological world we live in, people can be whoever they want. Creating a profile is as easy as A-B-C. Behind the computer, you are you. Inside of the algorithm, your opportunities are endless. All you need is to add a name along with a picture, now you’re set. But Luke Cooper is more than “Tech Famous” according to his life achievements. Luke Cooper stands for the adolescent kid who comes from the small forgotten “projects” of the United States. Reminding burgeoning generations that you are not forgotten, you’re not too small, and you can be whoever you want to; but always remember where you come from, who you do it for, and why you even started. Never losing sight of his mission of becoming a successful entrepreneur, Luke Cooper displays courage by living his truth. Continuing to alter the future around the triumph of a Black man in technology. Tech Famous isn’t about popularity, but about legacy and immortality. Having something in this world that is long-lasting even after our departure from the planet, other than your online profile in the algorithm.


Last updated on November 22, 2021

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