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Op-Ed: It’s a Sad Day, But Not One That Could Not Have Been Predicted

By Joseph R. Hudson

It is a sad day but not one that could not have been predicted based upon our business actions.

You can’t blame it all on the President, yes, he may have stoked the fire and led the parade, but he had to have lieutenants and other officers to lead his troops.  I am not talking about those who think they are nationalists but those officers in C suites and C Suite organizations.  If you look at Georgia, you find the Chambers of Commerce and almost all the significant corporations supported the President and his minions.  They pushed for the Republican senators. Some even had their PACS or promotions people making a public pronouncement of their support.  Now, these groups are clawing back, trying to gain a foothold with the two new Democratic Senators–kissy, kissy!  These same corporate leaders did nothing to tamp down the now apparent outcomes of the President’s remarks and policies as they are too busy making money.  You even have Black business owners signing up for imbalanced tax policies to gain a few more dollars or largess.

These same corporate leaders disburse their “Check Carriers” out into the community to give corporate support to those who help discourage the condition—blatantly showing supposed concern for community welfare when they are only concerned about protecting corporate profits—evidenced now seen as many organizations are now merely tools for the corporate proclamation and have lost their way. The days of Atlanta’s corporate love for the city and its people have long to sensed vanished. Pretending that you care while allowing persons supporting the President and his insidious comments and you to keep with your silence in the name of profits. I even noticed that a recent listing of businesses and people did not even bother to include Black companies, which suggests they are no longer valuable to the current image of Atlanta. Don’t try to show your shame now and say the President this or the President that, when you continually encouraged what he did and others continue to do.  You are complicit!

Yes, we must prevent these dastardly attacks upon our Constitution. However, it’s your PACS that funded those who ran the ugly ads during our Senatorial runoff and did little to show any disdain for community conditions or its laws.  Thank the Lord that voters saw through them, and Georgians are beginning to understand the prudishness of your efforts.

We have a City to support people who need what you know and who you know to help them with their daily lives. I am optimistic that those of you who have been active “Check Disbursers” see the benefit of community support and how the community needs support which helps your enterprise when faced with hostile conditions– ask Wells Fargo as they try to recover from their misdeeds.

We need you to do better. Please help solve community problems, and not silently create them through “Three Card Monty” actions!

Joseph R. Hudson, Unabashed Black business and Atlanta Advocate


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