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Grandma Goes from Retirement to Entrepreneur

By Laverne Ward, Owner of Family Tresses LLC

Laverne Ward, a 64 year old retired law enforcement officer, mother of 4, grandmother of 7, with one great-grand. launches online business. After her mother Ella Mae Ward, suddenly died from renal kidney failure, she wanted to find a way to raise money to donate to the National Kidney Foundation.

Black Americans are 3 times more likely to have kidney failure compared to other races, because of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.  Ward believe there is a cure out there somewhere, but it takes money and research to bring the cure to the market.

Ward decided to become an entrepreneur and named the business Family Tresses LLC, to sell hair extensions and wigs.  The online business was launched in late November 2019.

During the month of  March, she started creating digital downloads and offering free and paid downloads. She teaches women in Georgia how to start their own LLC and how to write an operating agreement without using an attorney, because it is easier than you think.

Her passion is to improve women’s ability to earn income beyond traditional occupations. Because of COVID-19 in 2020, we have learned not to depend totally on a job, and that every household should have a home-based business. Ward believes that in order to achieve economic self-reliance, you need multiple streams of income.

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