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Georgia Voters: America’s Future is in Your Hands

The Federal Government has neglected us. We are in the middle of a pandemic, one that has claimed the lives of over a quarter million of our fellow Americans. And unlike every other developed nation on earth, the citizens of the United States have received almost no aid from the federal government. 

All this can be traced to only one man, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Over and over again, he has struck down legislation to help working Americans for the sake of his wealthy donors. His colleagues in the Republican Party have enabled him to do so for years, just as they did with Donald Trump. This includes the current Republican Senators in Georgia, David Purdue, and Kelly Loeffler. Both politicians used their insights as members of the Senate to sell off shares of stock before the pandemic ignited a recession. Corruption runs deep within the Republican Party, and these two senators have demonstrated time and time again that their own profit and their own donors mean far more to them than the American people ever will.

Now is the time to hold them and Mitch McConnell accountable. There is a way to remove them from this lofty position. Georgia is holding a special election in January for two senate seats. If Democrats win both seats, they will be in control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives, and most importantly, the Senate. Mitch McConnell will no longer serve as Senate Majority Leader, and will no longer be able to stop legislation from being passed. All of this means the citizens of Georgia have the potential to save our democracy and the citizens of our country.

This is not hyperbole. The pandemic has strained our medical facilities, cost the jobs of hundreds of thousands, and forced citizens from their homes. The federal government has within its power to provide needed aid to the people. It cannot do so because McConnell cares only for his business interests. His wealth matters more to him than all our lives.

Voting for the two Democratic candidates will remove McConnell’s power to obstruct. Both are able and competent candidates who will serve the people of Georgia and all Americans in this time of crisis. The people of Georgia, and indeed the people of the United States are counting on you to vote for Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock.

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