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Food Giveaway Honors Actor, Playwright, Producer, Media Mogul Tyler Perry

December 3, 2020, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm – The most urgent dance / prayer vigil / food giveaway / voter registration drive / get pandemic to end pandemic in Georgia / USA after nation ignored CDC travel guidelines

Food Giveaway to Honor Tyler Perry in front of John Lewis Mural at 219 Auburn Avenue NE in Atlanta, Georgia.

Voter registration drive to give opportunity for this underserved community to vote for candidates that will help bring pandemic relief for the large number of jobless in community. Social distancing and masking will be strictly enforced.

There will be some serious praise dancing and shouting as Atlanta prayer warriors and representatives of the Pandemic Comforters call on God to protect Georgia and the country from the deadly corona virus after many Georgians defied the CDC guidelines and traveled during the Thanksgiving Holiday. A sudden spike in cases could overwhelm healthcare facilities (like nearby Grady Hospital), throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia. Organizers say that human efforts to control the virus have failed and that the time has come to call on a higher being for help and deliverance from this virus!

Since the Bible explicitly says that prayers without works are dead, a voter registration drive sponsored by The New Georgia Project will take place to encourage folks to vote for candidates that will work to control the spread of this modern day plague and pass legislation that will immediately help Georgians and millions in the USA who are unemployed and forced to stand in food lines. Some of the prayer warriors participating knew John Lewis and will publicly salute him for his pioneer voting registration work. A special Food Giveaway coordinated by Stanley Sellers of Communities of Schools of Atlanta will honor superstar Tyler Perry who recently used his wealth to feed 5,000 Atlantans during Thanksgiving.

World renowned Atlanta dancer and founder / artistic director of Total Dance / Dancical Productions Terrie Axam has choreographed a Victory Over The Corona Virus Song written by two of The Pandemic Comforters (a former Atlantan and Maryland resident David Griffiths) that will be boldly performed. The original song /dance calls on God to take this virus away now and gives praise to the healthcare and service workers who are on the frontlines everyday. Link to song:

In honor of the historic achievement of Vice President Kamala Harris and the nomination of women like Janet Yellen to Treasury Secretary and other high-level cabinet positions in the Biden administration, the professional dancers will also perform a special dance tribute to them.

Pastor James Price of The Cornerstone of Faith Christian Ministries in Union City, Georgia will offer and coordinate the prayer chain of other local clergy. Prayers of deliverance from the pandemic; for Congress to provide immediate relief for Georgians and a peaceful transition of Presidential power will be offered throughout the two-hour social distance event of hope.

The event will conclude with the singing of We Shall Overcome, a favorite of the late civil rights and voting rights activist John Lewis.

Last updated on December 2, 2020

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