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Engineer turned Author writes children’s book that introduces children to STEM and financial literacy

Warn Wilson Jr. is an engineer, author, and artist in the Memphis, Tennessee area.  He was raised in Jackson, Mississippi. There as a kid, he attended an academic and performing arts school, which really fed his childhood passions of math and art. Afterward, he attended Bailey Magnet High School and also obtained a certificate in Graphic Design (at the Career Development Center). From there, he went on to attend Mississippi State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he began his career as an engineer in Montgomery, Alabama. After a year there, Wilson moved back to his hometown and obtained a Research and Development Engineer intern position in Brandon, Mississippi. Upon finishing his internship in Brandon, he was hired in Memphis, Tennessee as a Quality Engineer.

Now four years into his engineering career, he has revamped his childhood passion for art into painting, creating visual art, and new products. He has written and illustrated a children’s book called Brown Money that introduces kids to STEM, engineering, investing, stocks, real estate, job security, and entrepreneurship. I painted every image in Brown Money on canvas using acrylic. He says it took him weeks to complete, but he wanted to ensure that he captured the correct images to reflect the lessons taught in the book. So far, He has performed book readings with schools with in Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta. He is now also wrapping up the completion of Brown Money 2, which will continue with lessons on STEM-related topics and financial literacy as well. He also wrote and illustrated a book called Royal Counsel that is a great uplifting read for all ages. It is filled with great advice and positivity to help you to push through tough times. Please check it out if you have the chance.

Along with his books, He is also an entrepreneur with an array of products. He started his own consumer electronics company in January called vondu. His initial product line includes the following: emergency chargers, solar power banks, GPS Bluetooth trackers, electronic candle lighters, and wireless chargers. He says it has always been a dream of his to have his own electronics on the market. He aspires to one day become the first black owned consumer electronic powerhouse in the country.  He also has a card game called Na Bruh that is great for family game night. Na Bruh involves breaking into two teams and answering witty trivial questions until the first team reaches a score of 10. The other card game is actually a spinoff from his book Brown Money. Brown Money, the card game, reinforces the lessons and messages that are taught in the book. In the game, there are occupation cards and penalty cards. When you pull an occupation card you get paid but if you pull a penalty card then you pay a fee. Occupation cards vary from engineer to lawyer to even a professional athlete. And penalty cards consist of unfortunate situations such as having “No Plan B” or even having “One Stream of Income”. It is very fun yet informational. If you are interested in any of his books or card games please visit his website at You can find the vondu electronic products at

Moving forward Wilson hopes to use his academic insight, engineering background, and creative skills to influence the next generation of young Black thinkers, creators, and engineers. He hopes to inspire them to achieve their dreams and explore the many options they have in this world. Be on the lookout for his latest ventures. Stay tuned.

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Last updated on May 5, 2021

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