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CAU President Dr George T French Addresses Dorm Room Shortage for Students, 2021-08-15

Dear CAU Community:

Move-in week is a special time for students and their families at any university and it is our responsibility here at Clark Atlanta University to ensure we are ready to receive our scholars during that time. It is also our job to ensure our scholars and parents have an enjoyable experience and are excited to begin and continue their academic journey. My team recently failed to make the parent and student experience enjoyable. It is indefensible. As the “Buck stops” with me, I prefer to acknowledge the dereliction and ask your forgiveness rather than making excuses.

While 80% of our dorm rooms were ready for freshmen and upper-class student move-in, 20% of students assigned to dormitories were unable to do so due to behind schedule renovations (464 students of the 2,150 resident students).

We have taken the following measures to rectify challenges to students and parents

  • Adversely affected students will receive a full 50% discount refund of the entire current semester room fee.
  • Construction crews are working around the clock to complete renovations.
  • We have secured off-campus housing and hotel accommodations for families at several Metropolitan Atlanta hotels within 15 minutes of campus until dorm rooms are ready for occupancy. Parking us also included.
  • CAU staff is housed at alternative housing locations to assist families.
  • The university has incurred the costs for rooms, parking and shuttle service to transport students to and from campus for activities and meals.

Again, we cannot apologize enough for this unfortunate incident. Please know that we remain diligent in addressing the issues that caused this challenge. Given my understanding that the university experienced a similar housing incident some years ago, my team is engaging both formative and summative assessment approaches and revamping key processes to ensure this type of issue will not occur again. To be clear, I insist that CAU continue to establish a campus culture of excellence, accountability, and service. Thank you for your consideration and prayerful continued support of Clark Atlanta University.

President French

Warmest regards,

George T. French, Jr., Ph.D.

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