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Atlanta’s Watershed Management Issues Boil Advisory after Massive Water Main Breaks Out of an Abundance of Caution

Atlanta, Georgia – May 31, 2024 – Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management (DWM) has issued a boil water advisory out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) guidance for public advisory.

DWM crews are repairing a water main break on a 48-inch and 36-inch transmission line that carries large volumes of water to the metropolitan area. Water service will not be restored in the affected area until 5 pm (on May 31, 2024) to give businesses and homeowners time to prepare for the outage. The affected area will experience a water outage as DWM crews begin making repairs to the transmission main. The department first learned of the break on May 31st at 8:30 am in the Vine City neighborhood near the intersection of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard NW and James P. Brawley Drive, on the city’s west side and near several major landmarks and attractions, including the Atlanta University Center, Georgia Tech, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and more.

The Department of Watershed Management is also asking for the public to restrict water usage to allow the pressure in the system to rebuild. The boil water advisory will remain in place until DWM is cleared to lift it following sampling and testing protocols.

To protect the public from a potential health hazard, all residents and property owners who have experienced water outages and/or low water pressures are advised to boil all water prior to use or use bottled water for drinking, cooking, preparing baby food, or brushing teeth. The water should be boiled for one minute past a rolling boil. Infants, the elderly, and those with immune deficiencies should be cautious. Do not drink water from public water fountains in the impacted area.

The Department of Watershed Management will follow its flushing protocols for the system as a precaution and has sampled the affected zones to affirm that there is no contamination in the system. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division will advise the Department of Watershed Management when the advisory can be lifted.

There is another potential major break off Glenwood Avenue SE, on the east side of the city, near the East Lake Golf Club. Watershed officials said it’s unrelated to the break at Joseph E. Boone Boulevard.

The break and other water issues led to several major tourist attractions, like the Georgia Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta, closing early. Government and public services, like City Hall and Grady Hospital, were also impacted. Several residents in neighborhoods around the city reported no water as well. Entertainer Megan Thee Stallion had concerts scheduled for Friday at the State Farm Arena, however, it has been postponed due to the water main breaks.

Crews will likely start repairs around 5 pm, at which point service will ebb and flow: some residents may experience low water pressure or lose water completely. An estimate of how long those repairs would take to make is not known. Meanwhile, many residents in the metro Atlanta area are asked to conserve water for only critical use and prepare for potential outages.

Last updated on June 1, 2024

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