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Atlanta Juneteenth Street Parade and Music Festival, 2024

In Atlanta, the 2024 Juneteenth street parade and music festival were held from Friday, June 21st, to Sunday, June 23rd. Juneteenth is now recognized as an annual national public holiday in America. The acceptance of the importance of this event was not fully acknowledged in the tapestry of the recorded American historical journey. June 19th, 1865, was the date when the last people under slavery in Texas were told that slavery had already ended. The enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas represented the final acknowledgement of the end of slavery in America. Implementation of the proclamation was very slow in many of the southern states. The initial proclamation stated that slavery would end on January 1st, 1863.

The Atlanta 2024 Juneteenth Street Parade and Music Festival was held over three days, from the 21st to the 23rd of June. There were activities in Piedmont Park for all three of the days. There was a heavy focus on black culture expression for most of the events and activities that were supporting the holiday. The street parade was held on Saturday, the 22nd. It started at Martin Luther King Historic Park and ended in Piedmont Park. Saturday was a very sunny day. The temperature was 94 degrees, which made it a tough walk for many of the younger kids. Despite the heat, everyone was in great spirits as they arrived at the park for the completion of the parade.

With its extensive area of more than 100 acres, the park offered a wide range of options for entertainment and activities. As the sun and heat subsided, people could design their own little eco spaces and take in the festivities in various ways. While many stayed in the sunlight, others were enjoying the park’s expanse with their folding chairs and coolers, lounging in the shade and savoring the moments away from the music stages and merchants. Several sellers were there, their stalls tucked well into the park. There were a many vendors present, with their booths neatly nestled within the park. Food, art, and culture made up the bulk of the items for sale, while there were other businesses and service providers present as well.

Last updated on July 8, 2024

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