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Virtual Funerals: A Safer Option During the COVID‐19 Pandemic

Physical distancing measures and the current restrictions on large group gatherings have left many to consider alternative approaches to commemorating the death of a loved one. Normally at a time of loss, a funeral, burial or celebration of life would occur, where individuals gather together to pay final respects to the deceased and support the bereaved.

Awareness of virtual funerals is growing as demand for remote services has increased island-wide. A virtual funeral is a practical alternative to a traditional funeral, allowing individuals to connect, grieve, and commemorate via digital technologies, including smartphones, tablet or computer. The concept is simple; audio and video are live streamed during a funeral service or burial through an online platform or application.

“Bringing people together when it matters most, is our motto and foundation…” says Mrs. Veronica Allen-Ettinger; owner of Live Streaming Jamaica.

Mrs. Allen-Ettinger continues; “a virtual funeral service provides extended opportunities to connect family and friends who would have otherwise not been able to attend the service due to COVID‐19 restrictions, financial constraints, work obligations, or preexisting health conditions. A virtual funeral may improve accessibility and allow greater numbers of persons to engage via online platforms that have little to no restrictions on the number of online viewers.”

“Many of our families, who used our Private Web Page or social media to host a virtual funeral service, have expressed that the experience felt like they were there in-person. Families and loved ones appreciate how a virtual service allows them to grieve with others while in the privacy and comfort of their home.” explains Technical Director Shaun L. Ettinger. “We provide an eloquently designed Private Web Page, at no additional cost, to view the live stream and it also includes a photo gallery and condolence guest book which is easy to navigate and use especially for the older adult attendees. Of course, we can stream to almost all the social media sites, as well as simulcast to multiple sites.”

“We’ve had family members and friends watch from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, China, Italy, the Middle East, Asia, the U.S.A and hundreds from the parishes across the island; so, people watch, there’s no doubt about it.” explains Mrs. Allen-Ettinger.

Mr. Ettinger continues; “We approach every project with the utmost reverence and respect much like they were a member of our immediate family. We feel blessed, honored and privileged to be able to bring comfort and closure to a family when they’re mourning.”

Live Streaming Jamaica coordinates with many of the funeral homes and memorial parks as well as internments at family plots even in some of the most remote areas of the island. Live Streaming Jamaica also integrates streaming technology for churches, funeral homes and most any business that desires an in-house system.

In summary, virtual funerals allow family and friends to connect in real time that provides some comfort and closure in a cost‐effective and safe experience for those facing such challenging times.

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Last updated on January 22, 2021

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