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The Black Market book press release

Contemporary Art Expert’s Book The Black Market
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for pre-sale September 14, 2020

NEW YORK, New York – Many people are interested in starting an art collection from Black artists, but don’t know where to start. Charles Moore delivers an intriguing short history of Black artists in America and gives valuable insight into art collecting in his eye-opening book, The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting.

Black artists in the United States have a remarkable history that often is not as deeply understood as it should be. This carries over into the art collecting world, with existing potential collectors of Black artists that don’t quite know what direction to take. Charles Moore, an art expert and enthusiast for Black artists, is stepping up to help. Answering a clear need, Moore’s book dives into these subjects providing insight on Black art history and a blueprint for starting a collection. Not surprisingly, the interest surrounding The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting is in high demand.

“Before you begin collecting art, I recommend collecting books–about art, and learn to develop your taste,” commented Moore. “I think The Black Market would be a good addition to your reading and I’ve done my best to give some valuable guidance.”

According to Moore, the book is a guide to helping those interested in art collecting to learn more about the subject. It gives a brief art history lesson about Black artists born between 1900 to 1990, and then moves on to recommending literature to read about Black culture and Black artists. The Black Market also touches on museums and their exhibitions, galleries and art shows, and auctions, with the interesting results they can deliver. A number of interviews are highlighted that range from an artist who collects Black art, to a top art school revealing their secrets to readers, in hopes of building an understanding of the role they play in the growing art world.

The Black Market also features a collection of Moore’s essays on his interactions with art collectors from all walks of life, such collectors who started a year ago, to collectors with years of experience. To assist the new collector with an all-encompassing guide, the book includes a glossary of common terms, notes on art insurance, and art storage and maintenance complete the offerings.

About Charles Moore
Charles Moore has published work on the subject of contemporary arts and related topics on Artnet, Artsy, and Cultured Magazine, and many other places.  Based in New York City, he graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Museum Studies, holds a B.S. from Ferris State University, and an M.B.A. from St John’s University. The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collection is his first book. Moore recently started a Doctorate in Art and Museum Studies at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

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Last updated on September 27, 2020

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