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Statement from Elisabeth Omilami on The verdict in the Trial of Derek Chauvin, the murderer of George Floyd

Nine minutes and 29 seconds

According to Mark 1:14-15, Kairos time is a time that demands a conversion from people. Today as we learned of the conviction of Derek Chauvin as the murderer of George Floyd, we entered into our Kairos time in America. We have been praying for the family of George Floyd and will continue to because this is just the beginning, another beginning for them.

However, we here in the USA entered into a time of conversion today – if this time is taken and used for the opportunity it brings. The bells of justice will ring sooner than later. Let us celebrate for once. We have a moment now when we can join together as good people and shout for joy! How few and far between those moments are, and we deserve the time to take this moment to rejoice. Let us live in the now for just this time, let us live in the now and give out a hallelujah together in the now, for tomorrow is another day, and with it, even as today languishes, more news of injustice in this society rings out. However, if we indeed take this moment as an opportunity to reset our hearts, ask forgiveness for our sins and seek the face of our God to help us change, this moment takes on a much bigger purpose. Now we have the opportunity America to “turn from our wicked ways” and make a real change because we have in our hand the power to stop the senseless killing of black people and turn to see our land be healed. The Spirit is important at this moment, for it is only through the Spirit that profound societal change can take place.

A Kairos moment is also a moment of grace, and our God has given us a moment of grace to say “Yes, I will change,” “Yes, this murderous spirit is wrong,” and “Yes, we must recover our humanity.” Grace. What is that grace? Grace that we have not yet experienced what goes around coming around in this country. Grace that black folk still love and do not seek to be compensated for all the pain and grief. Grace that many still prosper when the lives of so many black men and women have been stolen from their families. Grace that our young people are awake, a sign of the potential for some kind of consciousness. Grace that one day, we’ll all be free.

A Kairos moment is also a personal moment of reflection for us to say, “what will I do?” We must take this moment, this NOW moment, to ask ourselves, each and every soul, “What will the person in that mirror do? What action will I take NOW so that we move this titanic called America closer to the top of the moral arc of truth. What will I do to move this country closer to a righteous place where we see each other as humans and not as enemies? What will we do to hold our frenemies accountable? What will I teach my children, so they know where they live and what untruth reigns in their world, and how will I teach them they have a responsibility to make goodness and mercy grow like a mighty redwood during their lifetimes. They may not be sitting on the back of a bus, and they may be able to eat where they want and spend their hard-earned money like they want, they may be educated nearly equal and be able to move into most of the neighborhoods they desire, but there is still the afterglow of murder on America. There is still the shadow of racism and hatred in our beloved country. With that, none of us can rejoice for too long because, in that rejoicing, we must still persevere to bring truth crushed to earth rise again. We must endeavor to change in this Kairos moment, for we can all do more, and we must. Like tracking an elk, we see the signs, and we track this evil to destroy it at every turn.

Lastly, a Kairos moment is a moment to remember. Remember those who have gone on and left the baton in our hands. Remember we have a duty, a calling on our lives? Remember, our lives are not our own, but we owe those warriors a show of awareness growing into enlightenment. This is just as much the victory of our young people: our young people that many, even us, thought had lost the mission. This is a victory for our young people who let the world know from whence they have come and that they have not only been taught what their responsibility to this world is. Instilled in them was the courage to speak truth to power and record it, text it, and spread it using the technology that has been given to them in this Kairos moment! The ancestors are calling still, and we owe them acknowledgment, more prayer, more study, more reaching to be a better country making better people.

Yes, we rejoice, and in rejoicing, we fill our cups to overflowing with a determination not to sleep, nor to pause, but to keep pressing onward past ourselves, until humanity reaches its true standard of justice and liberty where we all can breathe. We’re WOKE, STAY WOKE and bring your brother and sister with you. This moment is our Kairos moment asking the abiding question, “What are you going for freedom, what are you doing for love, and what are you doing for others. The fact is that we are far from the shallow waters now; we will sink or swim – together. Reach out and talk, touch, text, post, and swell our country with the breath of the Spirit that has breathed on us possibility and potentiality. The potentiality exists more than ever for us to live true to what our forefathers believed and died for – our rights, our gift, and our destiny.

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Last updated on May 5, 2021

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