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Georgia Small Businesses Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer for Infrastructure Reform

By Renard Beaty,
Owner of Kick Start Martial Arts, Atlanta, Georgia

When I started my small martial arts business in Atlanta more than 13 years ago, I knew I wanted to create tomorrow’s leaders. I believed a care economy could achieve this goal. I believed that underserved communities could thrive and grow if we invested in a care infrastructure that included high-quality access to affordable child care, paid family and media leave, and community-based services and support. I recognized that disinvestment in one area negatively impacts another, and unfortunately, that negative impact was often felt more in Black and brown communities. That’s why I’m urging Congress to stop the negative cycle of disinvestment in infrastructure and shore up the resources needed to withstand the next economic crisis.

Congress must forget about political theatrics. Instead, think about the 1 million small businesses in Georgia and the millions more across the country that would benefit from the investments in the bipartisan infrastructure plan. Far too often, our political leaders get distracted by short-lived opportunities to be in the spotlight. Instead of supporting infrastructure reform at the scale necessary to keep our small businesses afloat and compete on a level playing field, they have chosen to jockey for political supremacy.

Much-needed infrastructure reform is now facing an uncertain future, and we need our elected officials to put their differences aside and pass this legislation now.


Last updated on July 23, 2021

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