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Bombshell New Book: O. J. Simpson was Framed by Nicole’s Parents for Her Murder

Bombshell new book: O.J. Simpson was framed by Nicole’s parents for their murders

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O.J. Simpson was framed for murder on June 12, 1994, because he owned the deed to ex-wife Nicole’s parents’ house in Dana Point, California.

New bombshell book published December 1, 2022: The Sealed Envelope: Who Framed O.J. Simpson for Their Murders, How They Did It and Why They Got Away With It by Sheryll Shipley and Shatelaine Shipley

O.J. Simpson was framed for murder on June 12, 1994, by Nicole Brown Simpson’s parents and siblings in a premeditated frame-up. Their motive? The ability to continue living in a home owned by O.J. Simpson; a home O.J. was preparing to repossess and liquidate after a failed reconciliation between himself and Nicole. For a desperate and unscrupulous Brown family – Nicole’s father, Louis Brown, mother Juditha Brown and sisters, Denise, Dominique and Tanya Brown – killing Nicole and framing O.J. would put a permanent stop to their eviction at the hands of O.J., the deed holder of their house.

This Brown family motive was known to deputy district attorney Marcia Clark throughout the murder investigation and trial, from the very day the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were discovered, according to Clark’s own 1997 book, Without a Doubt. On June 13, 1994, Clark and the police found the deed to the Brown family home in O.J. Simpson’s possession during a search, but chose not to investigate the document’s background or history.

When O.J. acquired the deed from the lending institution after paying Louis Brown’s mortgage in full, Nicole’s father and mother, Juditha, thought O.J. and Nicole would stay married. When the Simpsons’ divorced in 1992, it spelled the beginning of the end for both the Browns’ dependency on O.J. Simpson’s financial assistance as well as their free stay in a house owned by the football star.

“We discovered a deed to their[Louis and Juditha Brown’s] house that seemed to indicate that [O.J.] Simpson had taken over the mortgage,” Clark admitted in Without a Doubt after withholding this fact from the jury, court, media and public for three years. Clark knew the exact date O.J. acquired the deed and for how long he owned the Brown family’s home; she knew O.J. had paid the mortgage in full and owned the Browns’ house outright, but never disclosed these important facts. In the same book, Clark described Nicole’s corpse as looking “discarded” and quoted a close friend of the murder victim who revealed that Nicole was “a throwaway daughter” to Louis and Juditha Brown. However, Clark refused to make the connection – that Nicole’s murderers were her own parents, who ‘threw her away’ in order to keep their house, once she could no longer secure it through marriage to its owner, O.J. Simpson.

All these questions and more are answered in The Sealed Envelope, backed by over 25 years of research and forensic examination of the case:

WHO framed O.J. Simpson for their murders? WHAT was their motive? HOW did O.J.’s blood end up inside the murder scene while he was at home asleep?

The Sealed Envelope: Who Framed O.J. Simpson for Their Murders, How They Did It and Why They Got Away With It

533 pages, ISBN-13: ‎979-8366438599

Now available worldwide at

New OJ Book

Last updated on February 19, 2023

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